Co-Curricular Activities

The famous American educationist Robert M. Hutchins once said: "My idea of education is to unsettle the minds of the young and inflame their intellects". It is with this thought in mind we have started the Primary wing at Niraj Kindergarten School, and now, as the hard work put in by our team appears to be yielding results, I would like to thank each and every member of the school community for their support, cooperation and trust in us.

Having been in education for more than 28 years, I strongly believe that good education is about more than just academics alone. The holistic development of children's creative, intellectual, civic, social, and professional skills together is what truly makes an educated, well-balanced individual. At Niraj Kindergarten  School we aim at cultivating the self-confidence and producing leaders for tomorrow through carefully designed programme and blend Indian Values with global outlook.

I wish you a healthy and cooperative relationship with the school and a very bright future for all our pupils. As we prepare for the new academic year, I look forward to the exciting prospects ahead and encourage you to join us on our journey.

With best wishes,
B. Jyothi Reddy
Chairperson, Niraj Educational Society


With the surge of new schools many parents reach a crossroad and often find it difficult to decide which school to choose for their beloved child, as the search raises a lot of important questions. Starting Primary School inevitably brings many changes for the pupils, while the first day at a new school appears a daunting task for their family members. Niraj Kindergarten School was born out of sheer idea to open a different school, a kind of a school children feel like home at.

We are very proud of Niraj Kindergarten School, which opened its gate only three years ago, but has already taken an important place in the heart of our community. Here we aim at offering child-centered education with rich and innovative curriculum, providing dynamic environment and placing emphasis on learning. However, no education is worth if it does not prepare the children for life. At Niraj Kindergarten School, the pupils will thrive in a stimulating educational environment while also receiving the attentive nurture and care necessary to ensure healthy and happy physical and emotional maturity. Apart from various curricular and extra-curricular activities, the children will be taught etiquette, precession of speech in a gentle manner, and develop sensitivity towards social needs and responsibilities.

Faculty training is an ongoing exercise at Niraj Kindergarten School to ensure that our faculty keeps abreast of the latest developments in field of education, thus we provide numerous professional workshops, discussions, activities and simulations. Our educators will continue to put in their relentless hard work towards further growth of children's physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

Niraj Kindergarten School invites your involvement in education, our shared responsibility, as "Together We Achieve More"


With best wishes,
B. Jivitesh Reddy
Director, Niraj Educational Society