Faculty and Staff

She has been working with us as a primary teacher from 2006. This year she has taken up the responsibility as the coordinator of Pre-primary section. She has established a good rapport with her colleagues . She has many fun filled methods to enhance the pre-primary teaching and hope to achieve the goal within a short span. The mantle of responsibility rests well on her shoulders with disarming smile. She takes all the initiatives and her responsibilities and tries to fulfill them with her best abilities.





Asha has joined Niraj in the year 2002. She teaches UKG .Since she has an experience of 17 yrs she has passion for learning and teaching. She leaves no stone unturned to give a sound foundation to tiny tots. She loves to be with them..




Nanduri Phani Bhargavi
Her passion for library science had driven her to learn and adapt to various modern technologies. She has undertaken many reading projects and has rich experience in Digitizing and Automating libraries, utilised technologies such as RFID & QR codes. She has also appeared as a guest lecturer for eminent universities.






Ch. K. Mahalakshmi
She is a Pre-primary Educator with 3 years of innovative teaching experience. She is a MBA graduate with PPTTC certificate because of her passion for teaching. Her inherent talent is to make lessons fun, creative and interactive. Her patient nature enables her to be productive and she strives for perfection in all her endeavors.





She has done her B.Ed and a PPTTC. She has completed 14 years in the teaching field but still she is a learner in this noble field because education gives her the wonderful opportunity to learn new and innovative things every day. As a teacher she is patient, active, energetic, organized and passionate. The feedback that she gets from the parents make her more confident. She feel that she has made the right choice to become a teacher, the most challenging and respectable profession on earth.



B.V.L. Annapurna
She is Pre-primary Educator with PPTTC certificate. She is a MCA graduate with 3 years of experience in teaching. She has a passion for teaching the young learners who are our future generation. Her greatest ability is to connect to children of their level. She enjoys her profession to the core as it enables her to develop as a person and to gain knowledge.





Liba Rasheed
She is passionate about learning and teaching the toddlers. So she has chosen to be a Pre-primary Educator. She has completed a year PPTTC successfully in the field of teaching and as a beginner she learnt to understand the children’s facial expressions and be patient. She is organized and responsible. She is prepared to face the challenges in the teaching field.




Megha Kumari
She is a Pre-primary Hindi Educator with three wonderful years of teaching experience, completed M. Com, B. Ed. She believes in quality teaching and not in quantity. She has a great passion for teaching. Her greatest ability is not only to make her learners excel in academics but also in extra-curricular activities.





Anitha Kalyan
As a kindergarten teacher, she has 10 years of rich experience in teaching. She is a BBA graduate with PPTTC training. She has entered this field due to her ardent love for teaching. She vehemently believe that the beauty of teaching lies not only in nurturing the good students to best, but also average to better.





Ananda Jyothi
She is Pre-primary teacher with B. Ed, PPTTC training. She has completed 12 years in the teaching field. She feels that she is still a learner in this noble field because education gives her the wonderful opportunity to learn new and innovative things every day.





Anusha Basutkar
She is a Pre-primary teacher with PPTTC training pursuing B. Ed and have 2 wonderful years of teaching experience. She has a good rapport with the students and enjoy being with them. Her patience enables her to be more productive. She has a good hold on the subjects. She possess the lethal combination of commitment and diligence.